May 2022 - Reunion CO

Real Community Updates

What to Do Now to Prepare for School Later

The end of the school year means a veritable army of supplies, artwork, projects, and paperwork will soon be marching home from your child’s classroom. After a fantastic year at a local Brighton 27J, Landmark Academy, or the Stead School, the amount of leftover “stuff” from a year of learning can be overwhelming. Before you […]

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Memorial Day Doings in Denver

Since 1868, Americans have set aside the end of May to honor the military personnel who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces. Whether you want to stay close to your Reunion home or get away for the long weekend, check out these Colorado happenings for a meaningful Memorial Day weekend that […]

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How to Spot a graduate

You might have noticed a particular group standing out in our already-amazing Reunion community. Are they new neighbors? Visiting dignitaries? No — they’re recent or soon-to-be graduates! Whether you encounter them at Reunion Park or the Rec Center, here are clues that you have been in the presence of someone who has finished a significant […]

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